Experience an app that comes with hands-on guidance

Along with everything you expect from a seamless subscription SaaS, Rodeo gives you access to the best brains in the business.

We’re the team that built CartHook (we practically invented product upsells for Shopify stores) and 1-Click Pony (Internet's 1st one-click buy button that can be embedded in email). We live, breathe, eat, and drink CPG — including most of our customers’ products. ;)

Together, our leaders helped brands earn over $200 Million in post purchase upsells. In our decades of ecom tech experience, we’ve worked directly with hundreds of ecommerce brands, keeping them from being chewed up and spit out by the relentless CAC machine. We’d like to work with you, too.

Why the name Rodeo? Because this ain't our first. 🤠

Ben Fisher

Ben Fisher

Rodeo, CEO

Past: Co-founder, CTO + Head of Product at CartHook

Past: Fractional CTO to DTC eCommerce brands

Joel Van Horn

Rodeo, CTO

Past: CTO at PetPlate

Past: Technology Lead at Daily Harvest

Past: Technology Lead at Freshly

When you use Rodeo, you don’t just get a suite of (admittedly awesome) features. You also get direct access to us, our network of growth marketers, and category leaders. AKA you’re in the room with the ideas and minds that’ll help you scale — and avoid mistakes and freakouts along the way.

Plus, unlike other subscription apps, we’re not building for your business today and just crossing our fingers that nothing breaks as you grow. We know you're growing and want a solution that will grow with you. We're what you need now and in 12-18 months from now.

The best brands are using Rodeo. Be your best with us.

“We're in safe hands with Rodeo. The most important component of our business is in the hands of people who genuinely care about our growth.”
James, VP of Growth at Jot
20% lift in conversions after moving to Rodeo from ReCharge