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To us, these features are table stakes.

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Connect to Shopify (duh)

Rodeo’s Shopify integration means…

Your shoppers can use Shop Pay

In case you need a reminder, Shop Pay is a 4x faster checkout for your brand. Can anyone say “more conversions?”

Your data is accurate

Rodeo connects directly with the Shopify API, so all of your order, inventory, and consumer insights stay clean as a whistle.

You can keep using all your favorite tools

We’d never take those away from you.

Invite consumers to try new & bigger orders

With Rodeo, your consumers don’t just subscribe to your product — they subscribe to your brand. So we make it easy to add, remove, and even switch products in upcoming orders without adding a single hiccup to your fulfillment process.

Win back subscribers before they even churn

Because your consumers have the freedom to choose the products they want when they need them, they just… don’t leave. That keeps your recurring revenue safe, and your brand growing steadily.

Send such perfectly timed reminders, it’s almost creepy

Send customers strategic updates via SMS or email at the exact right time. They can easily replenish, swap products, and check out. All without logging in or typing their info.

“Rodeo is already so much better than Recharge!
Rodeo went above and beyond during our migration, and the team is incredibly detail-oriented. The tool is feature-rich, including allowing our customers to choose their own shipment date. We had so many customers asking for that feature that we were doing it manually with our customer support team.
Such a better platform to support Arrae's growth!”
Nish Samantray, Founder of Arrae

Play nice with all your favorites

Why reinvent the wheel when we can be the axle? Rodeo integrates with all the best ecommerce tools you’re already using. Dig into your store metrics, website analytics, SMS campaigns, email flows, and more — with all your important data delivered directly to your favorite dashboard.

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