Bespoke subscriptions for consumer-obsessed brands

lasts a lifetime?

Modern subscriptions are one-size-fits-all but your customers' needs vary every month. Rodeo creates delightful, flexible repurchase experiences by matching your outreach to their desired purchase frequency.

Rodeo helps brands prioritize consumer needs

Offer subscribers an unbelievably smooth experience — with an intuitive UX, pre-filled fields, and passwordless authentication.
Increase LTV with Just-in-Time subscriptions that give consumers the flexibility to manage their replenishment.
White glove, expert migration from Recharge. We've migrated 10s of thousand of subscribers to Rodeo.

CPG subscriptions suck.
Consumers deserve better.

Rodeo marries the convenience and flexibility your consumers want — nay, demand — with the smart automation, effortless integration, transparent insights, and expert growth guidance your brand needs.

"Rodeo’s simple reminders to replenish are a blessing. And because Rodeo integrates with Klaviyo, we can easily segment which customers we encourage to auto-subscribe vs opt into reminders to replenish."
David Sanghera, founder of HerLiaison

Consumers love Rodeo

because they get just enough product, when they want it, without being overloaded OR running out.

Brands love Rodeo

because we’re not just re-building tools that already exist. We’ve created the platform to super-charge your growth.

Ready to start?

I'm in, you son of a gun!

Create a repurchase experience your customers love

Here’s what Jot (a Rodeo brand) sends subscribers.


Just in time SMS

Rodeo reaches out by email or SMS before consumers runs out.

They can replenish with a click or snooze the reminder.


Hassle-free login

Consumers can log in without a password to manage subscriptions at a glance


Easily maintain their subscription

They have the power to update subscription frequency, products, delivery dates, and addresses


Grow LTV and Retention

They get what they want—and they love you forever

"Having all of the data in Shopify, Google Analytics, AND now being able to use more granular metrics In Google Optimize is a freaking dream..."
Matthew Barnes, founder of Proteus Digital Labs

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