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Product Spotlight - 1-Click Pony

Make your customer's next purchase, their most valuable yet & keep them coming back for more. Leverage existing data to suggest products and personalize seamless, red carpet checkout.

1-Click Pony


1-Click Pony increases the conversion rate of your marketing campaigns by enabling customers to purchase from email and SMS with a click.


  • Increase your conversion rates: Email campaigns become more effective as the direct path to purchase shortens the sales cycle and improves conversion rates.

  • Remove unnecessary friction: 1-Click Pony reduces the typical multi-step checkout to a single click, significantly decreasing the likelihood of cart abandonment.

  • Personalize each customer's experience: By dynamically personalizing the checkout process, customers enjoy a tailored shopping experience that increases customer loyalty.

The Pony was my secret weapon over the holidays to grow Customer Lifetime Value.

David Sanghera
Founder of Her Liaison
Increase AOV
Increase Email Conversion

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