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Product Spotlight - Cruise Control

Cruise Control cuts 90% of the friction preventing your customers from taking the action you want.

Cruise Control


Cruise Control is an app that password-lessly logs in your customers before redirecting them to the intended destination in Shopify and / or Recharge. This removes 90% of the friction for customers, allowing you to personalize and optimize sales funnels for each return shopper and guarantees a liftime lift to returning traffic.


  1. Increase Conversion Rates At Checkout: Directly send customers to the checkout page with tailored offers, with their shipping information pre-filled, by automatically logging them in. This use case simplifies the purchase process for promotions or targeted offers, enhancing the customer's buying experience and increasing the likelihood of completing a sale.

  2. Remove The Friction From Subscription Management: Provide customers with direct links to specific sections of their subscription portal for upsells and subscription management, bypassing the need for a separate login step.

  3. Never Miss An Abandoned Cart: Only 20% of shoppers who abandon trigger your cart recovery flow. With Cruise Control 100% of customers who abandon trigger your cart recovery flow.

Cruise Control is a blessing. And because it integrates with Klaviyo, we can easily segment which customers we encourage to auto-subscribe vs opt into reminders to replenish.

David Sanghera
Founder @ HerLiaison
Increase AOV
Increase Email Conversion

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