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Product Spotlight - Shopkeep

Shopkeep is an AI assistant for CX teams. Delegate frequent low-level support tasks to Shopkeep so you can spend more time on the complex needs of your most important customers.



Shopkeep is an AI assistant that can connect to Shopify and Recharge to automate low-level customer support tasks. Shopify can manage subscriptions in Recharge (skip, cancel, add or swap products) and common order related tasks in Shopify like canceling orders and issuing full or partial refunds.


  1. Eliminate Busy Work: No need to click through endless screens to complete simple tasks. Just tell Shopkeep what you need done and get back to work.

  2. Natural Language: Talk to Shopkeep just like your teammates. It understands relative concepts and can infer meaning in natural language. And if you don't provide enough detail, don't worry, Shopkeep will ask for more details.

  3. Cross platform: Cross platform workflows (e.g. refund last order and cancel subscription) in Shopify and Recharge are tedious and error prone (easy to forget a step). Shopkeep can handle nuanced flows that need to occur across both sytems..

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